General: Trayvon Martin

Namaste Loves! In light of the Not Guilty verdict I know emotions are running so high. I know for me, it brought me to a very negative place, a place that I am scared to be stuck in. This nation is a plethora of races and cultures, that is what makes us a hegemony. How can we as a nation move forward, when our thoughts tend to and want to stay in the past? It is hard to say that race did not play a part in this verdict, but with our past discretion's, our actions prove that this is not always the case. In reality we all know race played a big part in it, whether it was consciously or sub-consciously it did. If we move past race, and look at each others as human beings, accept one another and spread love, maybe, just maybe incidents like these wouldn't leave us a nation divided. Remember divided we will fall. My heart still aches because someones CHILD is forever gone over something that doesn't even make sense. Situations like these can take you to new low, let us not stoop to negativity and bigotry's level, but maintain a stance of empathy and composure. I wish you all the best.

 Love,  Bee

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