General: Why I joined BLM


I came across BLM when I was reading Naturally-Glam's Blog and I thought it was interesting and decided to check it out. First and foremost, I am the epitome of women coming together to progress and conquer the world (ha!), so joining BLM was only natural. "Join us as we go beyond traditional networking lines to foster meaningful connections and relationships. We are more than meets the eye! " cited from their page.

The Vixen Box is still a small. but passionately determined blog looking to spread love and acceptance to the masses of Vixens out there taking over the world. However....... the Blogging industry is totally something different than anything I am used to. I'll admit I need help! We all could learn something from each other and network of Bloggers Like Me is the perfect outlet.

Why I love BLM? Easy! I love every one and anyone who is out there trying to make a positive impact in the world, whether it is through charity, networking or collaborating.
What I have definitely learned from joining BLM is that blogging does not have to be competitive. The Universe has already blessed us with abundance, so we should never feel like we need to keep secrets or not share with one another to help us get ahead. I think BLM is a great network of bloggers seeking to help one another out, and more importantly share their great content with the world. I personally believe you can never learn enough! I look forward to learning so much more from BLM.
Check them out when you get the chance!
As always NAMASTE, love Bee

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