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Namaste Loves!

In my attempt to be outside more and be closer (ha!) to mother nature, I have began a flower and vegetable garden! Anyone who knows me, knows that I detest dirt, bugs (irrational fear), and heat, so this is a big leap I am making in order to get over my fears. Plus growing your own food is oddly satisfying and can save you a lot of money in the long run.

For my flowers I ordered begonias and gladiolus. They do well in my zone (7B) and they were on sale, so how could I resist. First, did you know that some flowers grow from bulbs and not seeds, I never knew that but I digress.... Any who the deal was about 60 gladiolus bulbs for like $10 and than 5 begonia bulbs for like  $10 as well. I could not resist so I ordered them from Holland Bulb Farms. HOWEVER that being said where I live it is primarily clay dirt, so I did purchase some organic and inexpensive gardening soil and a kid shovel from Walmart for about $3. I definitely took advantage of my son and two little cousins wanting to chip in (cause mama doesn't touch dirt) and we went to work. Since begonias grow in shrubs I thought I would be really cute to grow them in a circle around our mail box. I will post pics of them when I can because those are taking a little longer than I would expect (but what do I know!). The gladiolus however have been growing like they are on crack. We decided to plant some around the backyard and then grow them to outline the walking path in the front. So we used like 30, then there was the issue of finding what to do with the other half. SOO we got creative and planted them every where and anywhere, so in a month we will have gladiolus all around the house.
Here is a pic of some of the random gladiolus from about two weeks ago:

Growing vegetables is something I always wanted to do but I am so deathly afraid of bugs, that I avoided it for a while until recently. I had all this soil, and seeds are so inexpensive, I figured I might as well use what I have to make do. I ended up buying lavender (could be a flower or herb), Romaine Lettuce (NEVER lasts in my house, we eat this like cuh-razy), Roma Tomatoes (another staple) and Cilantro or Coriander ( we can never get enough of it). Planting those were fairly easy, you just put the dirt, poke some holes (I used a pen, sue me) and cover lightly with some dirt. It has been raining like crazy here in Georgia and hot so the Romaine and Tomatoes are growing very very nicely. The cilantro, ah, the cilantro is just sprouting. I am now learning that cilantro doesn't do to well in the heat (my bad) but today I noticed a sprout of green from the pot!

I also read that if you stick the bottoms of some vegetables you can regrow them. Ohhhhhhh so of course we had the bottoms of our Romaine Lettuce and decided to try it out. I stuck two of the bottoms in a bowl of water about 2 inches high and let them root somewhat for about two days. Then I moved them into a biodegradeable pot with some soil and those things have been regrowing lettuce like no ones business. They should be ready in about a week. I also did the same for a green scallion that was by its lonesome in the refrigarator, and garlic. Garlic takes awhile to grow so I am not expecting too much, but I saw a green thing growing from one of the containers! Here is a great article from The Huffington Post that I used as a reference. I also went and used some green and scotch bonnet pepper seeds, those I have not seen any action from so we will see.  The lavender has also been a no show thus far, I am hoping within the month they will make their debut. I might just have to restart with the lavender.

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