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Namaste Loves! This is my first ever product review and I am so excited to share it with you all. My passion is supporting up and coming businesses, especially if they are handmade and natural. So I came across Ynobe by the facebook gods, they suggested that I liked their page and so I faithfully clicked the like….
Let me start by saying that I got these products by myself, and this post is not sponsored. Here we go. I purchased these products because there was a promotion going on . I cannot remember the specifics but I do know it was like 17% off the whole site, than another 10% if you signed up for the newsletter, then $1 shipping. It was a pretty good deal. 
Customer Service: ​
I did have some issues regarding the promotion, so instead of getting the 27% off I only got the 10% off. I did inform them that I never got the 17% off as advertised, but was informed the code was allegedly posted all over the site, but whatever, I digress. ​No biggie to me. It could have been posted all over the site and for some reason I didn’t see it, or paying enough attention, so it could be just my fault.
​I wanted to get the most amount of product, for the least amount of money. Am I the only one who absolutely adores when a retailer has a try me set? I LIVE for them. Ynobe has a great “Try Me Set" for $25, however the set that I purchased was a “Wash Day Set" and is currently not on the site anymore. What I really loved about Ynobe is that they give you the option to chose if you want the product with or without Soy Protein. I chose to keep it in, only because I figured it was naturally organic Soy.  So the wash set came with:
1: Pre - poo treatment
2. Amla and Nettle Deep Conditioner
3:Honey and Beer Poo Bar
Using the Product:​
1: Pre-Poo Treat-
If you look on the site you can see the wonderful ingredients that are in this product. This product is thick, but not a good thick. It is like if you whipped your conditoner to make it more fluffy? It was not creamy at all, and I have very thick hair. I hate hair typing but for those who absolutely need to know, I would say that my hair is around the 4a spectrum, very coily and springy. I wanted to love this product so much but it did nothing but sit on my hair. I was not able to detangle with it, which would have been really nice but I digress. I had to use almost half the bottle (8oz) just to get some kinda finger action going on. I let it sit for a couple of hours as I went about my business.  This product would definitely be better suited for someone who doesn’t have really thick hair. I will continue to use it till the bottle is empty, however I will just mix it with my home made pre-poo mix.
2. Honey and Beer Poo Bar -
LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED this product. If you loves could see my face, you would see the biggest grin ever!  I have been using Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, Bentonite Clay home made mud mix, or Shea Moisture Volumizing Shampoo, and I will say that this has become my staple hair cleanser. It smells DIVINE. It thoroughly cleanses your hair and scalp. no joke. It does not however make your hair feel stripped, just really clean. Would I buy this again? Heck yes. I loved this product so much. So if you guys are looking for a poo bar or want to try one out, I highly recommend the Honey and Beer poo bar.
​3: Amla and Nettle Deep Conditioner - This product has some great ingredients in it, however it was just ok. Nothing spectacular in it, again the consistency isn’t that great. If you have thick hair, you will be using a good amount of this product, and I have a tapered TWA, so if you have longer, expect to use at least half the container.  I left it on overnight because for the past two months I was not doing any protein treatments, so my hair was shedding a tad bit more than usual. The 2nd time I used it, I only left it on for an hour or so. When I rinsed it out, it didn’t make my hair feel good, but it did not make my hair feel bad either. However I will say that I would buy this again for PROTEIN treatment, but not necessarily a moisturizing hair conditioner. My shedding since using has stopped, not totally, but enough for me to notice the difference from before. So I would buy this product again, but for a protein treatment.
Overall this was a great experience and I would give this wash set a B+ because of the price and that I genuinely enjoyed two out of the three products. The price was fair, and Ynobe does offer 10% off to returning customers and those who return the bottles, I love that they are being green and environmentally friendly. Great incentive. 
So loves I hope I answered or at least talked about the product enough to give you an insight on Ynobe. ​
As Always Thank You and Namaste!​
Love Bee @ The Vixen Box

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