Spirituality: 15 Things to Give Up P.2

Namaste Loves! It has been really over whelming the amount of support and love I get from the readers of The Vixen Box. I just want to take the time to say I LOVE YOU and THANK YOU for giving me a platform to give other Women a platform to share their dynamic individuality.

So I know I was supposed to write this a while ago and I have been lazy. But now after some information from xoDVF, I am back on my grind and returning back to this post, because surprisingly this is one of my most popular posts that I have written personally.

In P.1 we dissected this picture that I stumbled upon on Tumblr and we talked about how personally each point pertained to me and could possibly pertain to you as well. Let's just jump right into it and git her done....

6. Criticizing yourself and others. 
Sheesh.... if I were in court I would be so guilty of this and sentenced to life. I am my own biggest criticizer, I never feel good enough, worthy enough, doing enough, smart enough, thin enough, pretty enough etc etc. I am constantly comparing myself to other (mistake number 1) and therefore overly criticize myself, which makes me feel even worst. Especially as a mother, I never feel GOOD ENOUGH or feel like I am doing ENOUGH for my son, which in reality I COULD DO BETTER however going in on myself will not help myself help my son.

I am also guilty of criticizing others. WHy do we criticize others? It's because we are insecure about some aspect of our being. I don't know about you, but that is my truth. If you were really happy about who you are why do we feel the need to take down so and so by talking negatively or judging them.

7. Anger
Where are the handcuffs? Grahhhhhh (girl) I have so much built up pent in anger. I am angry about EVERYTHING. I am angry that I am not at a better place in life financially and physically. I am angry over the hurt and betrayal from people I thought were my "friends" and family. I am angry that I cannot give my son every thing and anything. I am angry that I am still somewhat dependent on others. I am angry on how society treats people. I am angry about a whole lotta shit ok!

I have to acknowledge this and I am slowly acknowledging it. Subconsciously I need to LET GO. LET GO of the hurt because in reality I am just fueling negativity. And we all know, what you put out is what you put in. So anger is definitely needed to be let go of. How do you let go of anger?

8. Comfort Eating.
*Puts down the Caramel Crunch Hagan Daaz.......... raises hand and says "I am an emotional eater". Guilty, guilty, guilty. This is a habit I (putting it out in the universe) that I am, will be rid of. I will talk some more about my personal battles with emotional eating. But back to the point, when we eat for comfort, we are just merely masking over the real issue for a three minute relief. Next time you want to pick up a cookie because you feel sad, ask yourself what is making you sad and why? What will this cookie do for you that meditating won't fix for you?

Stay tuned for P.3

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