Spirituality:15 Things To Give Up. P.1

Namaste Loves! I came across this picture and it held a lot of resonance with me, because I think this is something we all can agree on. For me, I have such a great fear of SUCCESS. Yes I am crazy I know it! Who in their right mind is scared of SUCCESS? I am. I seem to settle, a lot, in all aspects of my life. So when I say I am scared of success, it is because I know HOW GREAT I CAN BE. Sometimes I don't feel like I deserve it. A shame really. So back to this picture, I found it on Spiritually Bliss and I will break it down in 3 parts.

1: Stop doubting yourself.
I am so guilty of this one, it is not even funny. I doubt myself on every thing! My problem is that I constantly seek approval from every one, family, friends, society etc etc. None of that shit really matters, but still I continuously look for someone to say "Yes Bettina you are right" or "Yes Bettina you can do it". At the end of the day if I don't believe in myself, no one else will. If I keep doubting myself, I am just going to receive suck ass energy from the Universe.

2: Negative Thinking.
Again so guilty! I don't know why it is so easy to think negatively as opposed to positively. We as humans are pre-disposed to thinking the worst in individuals and expecting the worst. In light of all the craziness in this world, and especially with the not guilty verdict of Zimmerman, it's easy to see why we an be pulled into negative thinking. How do we fix that? I am not quite sure of the answer, as I am still working on it? How do you manage to not think negatively?

3: Fear of Failure.
Like I said, I am scared of success. But maybe my real fear is of failure. In my life I have become accustomed to failure and so now I am used to it. Because I expect failure, I receive failure. It's suck ass cycle, and one that I am trying, NO that I AM FIXING. Like all things, it will take time. As a single mother, it is so easy for the world to judge my situation, after all I am the Jezebel who was having sex and got knocked up. And in this kind of world, some people will view me as a failure just because I am a single mother.

4: Destructive Relationships.
I think we all know what this means. We all know toxic people in our lives who are so insecure, so unhappy, so pissed with life that they want to take you and drag you down with them. One thing I love about me, it only takes one time for you to fuck up, and that is it. I will forgive, but I will not forget. I will not put myself back in that situation or give you the opportunity to suck me back into a destructive relationship. However I am finding that I will take a lot before I reach my limit with you. I don't know if that is beneficial to me because it keeps me at 1 and 2. Don't let anyone bring you down. If they love you for you, they will accept you. Destructive relationships have no merit in your life. Cut them out! And that unfortunately can include family or those who are supposed to be our family members.

We all are guilty of this. I know I am....fo'sho! Some of you may say "Not I..." but if you follow celebrity gossip sites, you are just as guilty. You just dont feel as guilty because it is about people you dont PERSONALLY know. I will keep this one short and sweet..... Don't do unto others what you wouldn't want done to you. This is going to be hard, because gossip can sometimes feel so innocent, but in reality it is actually very, very, detrimental to getting on a higher spiritual level. When we are happy with ourselves, completely and without materialism, we have no need to "gossip".

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