TCB: Ready for Love?

Namaste Loves!

At one point in my life, I was so infatuated and so in "lust" for a person that I ALMOST ruined my life for them. Have you met someone like that? Love. Love. Love..... what can I say about love? Have I ever been in love? I used to think I was but now that I am older (not that much) and wiser (a lot wiser) I know for sure that I wasn't IN LOVE. I had LOVE for these men, but I was never IN LOVE. Before I even cue the violins, let me just say I was listening to India Arie's "Ready for love" and the lyrics after all these years are still SO POWERFUL. Naturally I just want to dissect those lyrics. So tonight I write this post in honor of my husband, my soul mate, someone I have not met yet (or have I?).

When I meet you, I just know INSTANTLY that I am yours and you are mine. It's a feeling I have never felt
(cliche) but it is frightening because this intense kind of love I feel for you is something I have only felt for my son......but it will be inherently so much different... just as intense. Scary. Frightening. Amazing? You make me feel protected. Something I have never felt in my life, something I am craving and yearning to provide for my son and I. Protection. Not just financially, but emotionally and yes even physically. Strangely, as you protect my son and I, I will now be protecting you along with my son. And I love it. As a man you already know my son if my first priority and has always been my first priority, but because you are so secure in yourself and your place you are not threatened. In fact it makes you love me even more, because besides the biologics, my son is now your son. He is also your priority. And I love that. I love that you want only the best for him, that all your plans not only include me, they always include my son. And I love that...I love you for that.  I can trust you hardheartedly with him and not even bat an eye-lash when he is with you. You already know I could never be with a man, who I would not want my son to be like. You are aware that I am raising a king, and because you are a king, my King, it is perfect. You can teach him what I can't. And I love that. I love You....

My mouth, what can I say..... it's fresh. It's a quality that I low-key love about myself. I have a slick tongue....It is a defense mechanism, from years and years of betrayal ( I am woman enough to admit that some of those betrayals were my fault). But you accept it. You love it. And I love that. I love You. You stand up for me, and I would go HAM for you and mines. Sometimes I keep shit to myself and tend to let others get away with a lot, but you fight for my honor as I would for you. And I love that. I love You.  Travelling is a big priority for me and I dream of travelling to all corner of Africa, visiting Moorish architecture in Eurupe, going to the Amazon, and even space... and you do too! That is why it is so perfect, that is why we are so perfect. And I love that. I love You.  Culture means a lot to you. Culture of our ancestors and not culture that was "forced upon us". Religion holds no merit to you and I love that. I love You.

More children always seemed like a maybe for me, but with you at my side every step of the way, more children is more than a possibility. You help me to not let my past experiences not dictate my present with you and I love that. I love You. Family is important to me, and has always been for you. Family is first in all decisions and our family will be made to lead. To be an Example. An IDEA. With you and Me there is nothing our family will not be able to accomplish. And I love that. I love You.
                                  To be continued......

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