Vixens: Jonna of Naturally-Glam

What’s your name and where are you from?
I'm Jonna and I'm from Newport News, VA (2 Up 2 Down)

How has being natural affected your life? How do you feel about this natural hair “movement”?
Being natural has made me a more confident person and helped me focus more on a healthy lifestyle.  I feel like the natural hair movement has given and continues of offers black women more and more options when it comes to caring for our hair.

Do you have staple hair products? If so what are they?
I have a few staple hair products.  Tresemme Naturals moisturizing conditioner, EDEN BodyWorks All Natural Deep Conditioner, Karens Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia, SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie

Hard as it may seem how would you describe your hair and the regime you use to maintain it?
I would describe my hair as kinky, curly and coily.  To maintain it, I cleanse  and style my hair/scalp once a week.  I co-wash mid week as needed. I deep condition 1-2 times a month.

Here at The Vixen Box we love NAILS. What is your nail pic for this season? What is a go-to nail look for you?
My go-to nail look is either a nude peach, pink or flesh tone color, or a bright color with glitter top coat on my ring finger.

Here at The Vixen Box, health and fitness is major. I know for me I am working on getting myself right physically and emotionally by eating clean and incorporating exercise into my life. What do you do as far as health and fitness to stay or reach a level of good health?
I eat a mostly vegetarian / pescetarian diet. I also drinks mostly water and teas.  And I also workout 3-4 times a week.

Describe your blog and how readers can stay in contact with you:
My blog is a beauty and lifestyle blog.  I talk about beauty - hair care, makeup, skin care, fashion - and what's going on in my life - health and wellness, events and entertainment.  Readers can stay in contact with me here:
Twitter @NaturallyGlamTV
Instagram @NaturallyGlam

What makes you a Vixen:
I think my hustle and my self-confidence make me a Vixen.

What words of encouragement would you give to a reader who is just beginning their natural hair journey or looking to begin?
I would encourage them to really be solid in their "why" - why they are beginning their natural hair journey.  Because everyone isn't going to like it or understand it.  I also encourage them to start the journey with open arms, ready to accept their hair as it is and love the hair they have.

Thanks so much Jonna for sharing with us! We look forward to great things from you! Make sure to check this Vixens blog out and show support. As always, much love, and blessings! 
Thank you and Namaste! <3 Bee

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