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"Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can't practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage." Maya Angelou 


What’s your name and where are you from? 
Hello everyone!  My name is Malliha of 

How has being natural affected your life? How do you feel about this natural hair “movement”? 
Being natural is being free and comfortable in your skin.  I love the natural hair movement because it promotes self-love & confidence.

Do you have staple hair products? If so what are they? 
I always have to have “Jungle” conditioner from LUSH.  I swear by it, and absolutely love how my hair smells whenever I use it.

Hard as it may seem how would you describe your hair and the regime you use to maintain it?
My hair regime is simple.  I comb my hair out in the shower. I condition it, and at times, I just let it be.  I do not use any products I stay away from chemicals.  I let it air dry or I dry it with a T-shirt.

The “You Can Touch My Hair” campaign caused quite a stir! How did you become involved with it and what did you learn from it? 
Here is a little video snip that I did to give people feedback on the “You Can Touch My Hair” exhibit – 

I also spoke about the exhibit on Arise TV with Michaela Angela Davis.  Overall, it was a great experience.

How would you describe your personality? 
As far as my personality, I would say that I am an all around artist, traveler, dreamer, lover, giver, and free spirit. 

Here at The Vixen Box, health and fitness is major. I know for me I am working on getting myself right physically and emotionally by eating clean and incorporating exercise into my life. What do you do as far as health and fitness to stay or reach a level of good health?
Health and fitness is a top priority in my world.  I make sure to eat healthy.  For example, I watch my dairy intake, make smoothies, take natural supplements, and go the organic route.  I stay away from red meat and I try to do things such as yoga or art that aid in reducing stress. 

Do you meditate? If so, do you mind sharing how often and what the benefits have been for you?
 I use to mediate once and sometimes twice a day.  I now meditate whenever I feel guided to go into that space.  The benefits of meditating are phenomenal!  It gives me balance, guidance, peace, relaxation, relieves stress, and centers my thoughts.

Describe your blog and how readers can stay in contact with you: 
Lovely Mali is my site for sharing whatever I want whenever I want.  At times, I do not share and at times, I share like crazy!  My blog is my platform to express myself.  I am not the average blogger that blogs like crazy, but if readers want to learn more or if you have any questions… never hesitate to ask.  J You can always email me @ lovelymalliha@gmail.comTweet me @Lovelymalliha, or Instagram me @Lovelymali.

Describe Spirituality to you…   

For me spirituality is all about establishing a relationship with yourself and the world around you.  Spirituality is the essence of internal evolution and expressing gratitude for everyone and everything.  It is having a strong connection with God, Nature, and The Universe.  It is a bit difficult to explain but this is the best way that I can put it into words.  J

What words of encouragement would you give to a reader who is just beginning their natural hair journey or looking to begin? 

My words of encouragement for anyone beginning their natural hair journey would be to continue to embrace who you are.  You are beautiful and do not let anyone tell you differently.  It is time to love you and let your light shine bright!  Let that Goddess come out and do not entertain any doubts or fears.  

What makes you a Vixen:
I am a vixen because I spread love, show love, and give love to the ones that need it the most. 

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