Vixens: Mercedes' Two Dollar Richer!

“You are terrifying and strange and beautiful, something not everyone knows how to love.” Warsan Shire

- What’s your name and where are you from? 
Hey The Vixen Box readers! My name is Mercedes. Some people know me as Two Dollars Richer. I’m originally from Cleveland, OH, but Houston, TX is what I call home. The South raised me.

- How has being natural affected your life? How do you feel about this natural hair “movement”? 
Being natural has made me unapologetic me. My hair commands attention so I have no choice but to be comfortable within my own skin. I’ve been able to embrace who I am as a person, the good and the bad. It’s a great feeling to have. To see so many people embracing their natural hair is quite refreshing. Each person has his or her own story to tell. Some people are open and willing to share their experiences. We’re starting to see businesses grow from the movement. People are excited. I love it.

- Do you have staple hair products? If so what are they? 
After trying several products, I keep coming back to this one— Shea Moisture’s Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie.  I absolutely adore it!  No greasy reside or stiff strands of curls after each use. It leaves my hair super soft and manageable. The “your hair smells great” compliments never hurt too. Another staple is coconut oil. Usually, it gets added into my deep conditioners or is turned into an oil treatment. It’s great as an all-natural makeup remove as well.

- Hard as it may seem how would you describe your hair and the regime you use to maintain it?
 My hair, in one word, is versatile. Having curly hair gives me options. I can straighten my hair, let my curls run wild, pick it out into an Afro, get cornrows, etc… The possibilities are endless. My regimen can be described as simple. I shampoo and condition my hair every three to four days, make sure that I deep condition every two weeks, and use products that work for me. Air-drying is my preferred method so blow dryers aren’t used as much. My main focus is healthy, clean, and moisturized hair.  My simple routine takes care of that.

- Designers are already preparing for Fall , what are some trends you are looking forward to?
I’m not looking forward to any of the trends. Fall season means the temperature will drop and I hate being cold! However, I may change my mind once that time of year gets here. Wearing monochromatic outfits and velvet seems very appealing.

- Sexuality is celebrated here on The Vixen Box through “The Clitoris Taboo” series on the blog, how do you describe sexuality for you?
Sexuality is being comfortable with my body and being able to express that with whomever I choose.

- Music is such a great medium? What and who are you listening to now?
I’ve been listening to 90’s r&b, mainstream and underground hip-hop, some jazz music, and gospel mostly. The “Magna Carter Holy Grail” by Jay Z and “Born Sinner” by J. Cole have been on repeat. Tamela Mann’s “Take Me To The King” is a new gospel favorite.  TLC’s “Crazy Sexy Cool” never gets old. Anything by Lianna La Havas and Jhene Aiko. Some Ryan Leslie, Sarah Vaughan, Keith Sweat, and Kelis too; 

- Here at The Vixen Box, health and fitness is major. I know for me I am working on getting myself right physically and emotionally by eating clean and incorporating exercise into my life. What do you do as far as health and fitness to stay or reach a level of good health? 
I’m incorporating more fruits and vegetables into my diet through smoothies. Drinking water and green tea has become extremely important! Fast food is slowly, but surely, becoming a big NO-NO, along with dairy. As far as fitness is concerned, playing with my dogs keeps me active. My goal is to eventually attend classes at a dance or yoga studio. 

- Do you meditate? If so, do you mind sharing how often and what the benefits have been for you? 
You know, I’ve actually taken a class on meditation before. Our teacher taught us the science behind it, where to begin, and different mantras to chant.  She suggested that we practice daily, preferably in the morning with a lit candle. It never stuck with me though. Instead, I meditate whenever I feel stressed out. Sitting in silence while drinking tea calms me down; gives me time to gather my thoughts. Practicing yoga, on the other hand, relieves me of any built up frustrations. It’s like you enter into this euphoric state after you’re done. Whatever problem you had seems so minuscule

- Describe your blog and how readers can stay in contact with you: 
Two Dollars Richer is where street style meets high society, big hair rules, and life becomes what you make it. We focus on people who want to look effortlessly fly.  Introducing you to new fashion, products, and a way of thinking is the mission.

YouTube: twodollarsricher

- What makes you a Vixen: (Here at The Vixen Box a Vixen is someone who loves, accepts everything and everyone for who they are. They spread love, share love, and give love. Conquering the world one day at a time, while keeping it funky and edgy.)
I am a Vibe Vixen because I go through this thing called life with confidence, a smile on my face, and a pair of cute shoes on my feet. 

- Favorite Quote:
“You are terrifying and strange and beautiful, something not everyone knows how to love.” Warsan Shire

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