Fashion: Sex In The City

Namaste Loves!

I absolutely adore this dress I saw on the ASOS Marketplace Curves department online. I would defintely tailor the bottom of the dress so that it is even more form fitting, but all in all it's a cute dress. It would flatter almost any figure, and if you are like me who is bottom heavy, this would make heads turn (in a great way).

This outfit is perfect for a night on the town, if you want to just keep it low-key and funky. The clutch gives it a pop of color and the Chevron print on the dress hides A LOT of "booty-do", which I have. I would wear shapewear underneath it because I am a big advocate for keeping it neat and smooth. Yeah some lumps are cool but not all of them! lol. This is even a cute date night dress, classy, doesn't show off all the goods, but shows off enough the goods to keep your potential mate attentive.

You all will soon learn, I love to keep it simple and clean. Real minamilistic, I'm not into trends but more into style.

Let me know what you think!
<3 Bee

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