Kelly Rowland The Plus Size Way!

Namaste Loves!

Let's talk about Ms Kelly Rowland for the cover of Essence magazine. AH-MAZING! That woman is a true beauty and I love how she is getting the recognition she deserves. Let's begin!

This months issue is apparently the black version of Vogues September issue (no big deal just the holy grail of fashion) and they did a really good job. Is it comparable to Vogue, yes, is it better? Depends. But let us focus on the point, which is the LIFE Ms Kelly Rowland is giving us!

Her make-up (take that A$ap Rocky, dark skin girls can't wear wha?!), her hair, her dress, and the acessories. Dear GAWD the acessories. LOVE! The faux fur vest tops it off and brings the whole look together. I am a big fan of faux fur vests and snoods, they are a wardrobe STAPLE for anybodys closet, but I digress.

In Honor of Ms.Kelly Rowland I decided to post a look book for my plus size fashionistas! Enjoy!

PS I own that Nakimuli dress and it is the!

Kelly Rowland (plus size version)

Mango faux fur gilet
$93 -

Mac cosmetic

Essie nail polish

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