Fashion: Happy Hour with the Girls

My Happy Hour Set

My Happy Hour Set by thevixenbox featuring frye sandals
Namaste Loves!

 So this is my first official FASHION POST! AHHHHHH!!! Ok so it's really not that exciting, but for me it means a lot. Fashion has always been a passion of mines, whether it be designing or styling, I just love it! There is such a market and room for improvement in the Plus Size Fashion realm, and I aim to be a part of the "shift". Anywho, I just wanted to share what I wore to Happy Hour with my girlfriends. We went to Tin Lizzys in Midtown (ATL) and it was cool. As a mother I barely everrrrr get to go out. So it was nice catching up and drinking. Although I must admit my drinking skills have since diminished after the birth of my son and leaving F.A.M.U. I used to be able to drink with the best of them, but after one Corona my head was spinning (lightweight alert). I cannot wait to start posting and sharing more on my fashion style with you all lovely readers! I regret not taking a whole picture of my outfit but you get the jist of it. 

For my top I brought this simple but amazing blouse from Fashion to Figure a while ago and although amazing the fit of it was very weird. However I am beginning to think that I may be the cause of the problem, all my blouses are way to tight on my chest so I have to leave at least three buttons undone, and I know it is not my breasts because they are small for a woman my size, but I digress.....

The pants though.... I LIVE for a black of skintight skinny jeans. I think they look amazing on body and on any shape. Black skintight jeans are a staple for my wardrobe and naturally I gravitated to wearing them out for Happy Hour. Something about them are so stylish. And I am definitely more of a style girl, than a trendy girl. But back to the jeans, these were from ASOS and they do fit nice and they do not fade! AH-mazing. I live for shit that doesn't fade. 

For the accessories, I kept it simple (my motto) and opted to stick with my everyday stud earrings from Marc Jacobs and wear a black and gold statement necklace. I cannot remember the name of the Plus Size retailer where I purchased the necklace from, so if you recognize it puh-lease let a sister know! 

My hair is in a twist out. I am having a love hate relationship with my hair because well, that is just another story and I will make sure to share it with you when I can. But I wore a twist out and it came out ok, but I think I am just bored with it because it is at that awkard length between TWA and a full on AFRO. Ahhh but I digress. 

Well loves, I hope you all are having a great week thus far! 


Thanks again!

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