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So! I posted a picture of Monistat coochie cream on my Facebook Page, and how I was going to incorporate using this on my scalp to help alleviate my scalp issues. First and foremost do your research on this, because I am no dr... That being said, it led to other women or mentioning their scalp and dandruff problems. Oh the plagues of natural kinky hair... Any-who... I wanted to make this post and share with you the benefits of something that is all natural and extremely beneficial for our hair. It is APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. Apple Cider Vinegar is ah-mazing! I love this stuff, however because it is all natural, results tend to be NOT immediate. This regime takes consistency and commitement.

ACV is a staple for a lot of naturalistas, myself included, because it is acidic. It's acidity is very close to that of our hair, so that is always a plus if you care about restoring your hairs PH. ( I aint got time fo dat). It also helps to restore shine, remove buildup, and help clear the scalp. The cleanier the scalp the healthier your hair can grow. And when I mean clean, I'm not talking about dirt (because dirt DOES help the hair grow) I am talking about yeast and fungus. People with kinkier texture hairs tend to not wash our hairs too often cause its (a pain in the ass) not moisturizing to our strands, so it leaves our scalp prone to fungus. Fungus can plague our hair pores and slow our hair growth tremendously. A real B*tc*. So for me eliminating shampoo was a must and has been very beneficial to my hair and scalp. Now that being said, co-washing was just not going to cut it for me. Some naturalistas can go months and months without using shampoo on their hair, that's cool but I have to use something to clean my scalp. It's a must, my scalp is very troublesome (right now). But shampoo seemed to be doing more damage than helping, so I tried an ACV wash and I have not looked back since. My dandruff is almost none existent.  So if dandruff is your problem try using ACV and incorporating into your routine. I do however recommend using ACV as a clarifier, some people use it as a deep conditioner (mixed with something else, like Aztec Clay) and or use it as a rinse, meaning they wash, deep condition, and then rinse the hair with a diluted mixture (1 to 3 parts acv and water). I use it was a clarifier, and sometimes use it in a deep conditioner, if I feel like my product buildup is too much.

I also want to stress not all Apple Cider Vinegars are created equal, use the one that has the "mother" still in tact in the bottom, or has a lot of murky ish at the bottom of the bottle. That murky ish is really what you want, it contains all the vitamins and minerals.

Here are two videos explaining the methods I use. I don't think I will be doing any tutorials only because there is a PLETHORA of natural hair videos, like how many twist out tutorials can one make?

Thanks! <3 Bee

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