Natural Hair: Huetiful Hair Steamer? Anyone?

Namaste Loves! 

Anyone have any experience using the Huetiful Hair Steamer? I was debating about ordering one but saw a review on their page from a friend of mines, regarding a technical issue and decided against it. THEN I saw the founder, Ken, PERSONALLY took care of the issue and took the time to respond to her let me know that their customer service is off the hook. It was such a genuine and sincere response that I knew if they have customer service like this then they must really believe in their product, therefore I am going to take a chance and get one. I mean he went over and beyond to fix the situation. I LIVE for customer service. Having worked retail and management, let me tell you, if you have great customer service, you have lifetime customers. You can sell rocks, but if you have awesome customer service, I guarantee you people will keep coming back and pay for YOUR rocks. SO I guess this is sort of a review? and I don't even have the product yet. They say it is back-ordered so I have to wait. Anywho, does anyone have any experience using the product? I have such low porosity hair, like negative low low pororisty hair that I need something, and I need to do something fast because my hair is growing, but I am not retaining the length. When mine comes in I will do a review and share with you all. In the meantime anyone have their steamer?

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Unknown said...

I have been natural for 6 years. I have had my huertiful for about 4 years without problems. All I can say is it is worth the investment. It is great for my scalp and deeply penetrates and moisturizes my hair. After having my hair colored twice I notice a huge difference from when I consistently use the huertiful and when I just do a regular wash and condish. Overall, great product!