Vixen Feature: Paula the Georgia Peach

“No matter how many mistakes or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone else who isn’t trying.”

-What’s your name and where are you from? 
My name is Paula and I am representing for the State of Georgia!
How has being natural affected your life? How do you feel about this natural hair “movement”? 
Being Natural for the past 9 months has changed my life for the better. I am able to meet other naturals and form bonds with them, and receive good hair advice and styles. I believe many women are going natural, because they see the irreversible damage relaxers do to the hair and scalp. 

How long did you transition for? Any tips you want to give to readers, tips you wish you would have known when you were transitioning.
 My last relaxer was May 1, 2012. I started the transition process in June and used braids as a way of developing my new growth for the “Big Chop.”  I decided to undergo the “Big Chop” on November 12, 2012. Make sure that you still maintain the health of your hair underneath weave or extensions

-Do you have staple hair products? If so what are they? 
I love using the Cantu Butter for moisturizing my hair. For hair washing and conditioning I use the Shea Moisture products found at Target. I like to use Coconut and Mango Butter to moisturize the scalp.

Hard as it may seem how would you describe your hair and the regime you use to maintain it? 
 My hair is very thick and tightly coiled. It is very important that I moisturize it on a daily basis and wear protective styles in my hair to promote hair growth and prevent breakage.

What IS fashion to you or FOR you?
 I define Fashion as anything that reflects an individual’s personality and attitude. I can be bright and bold or mellow and conservative.

When folks say “Natural Hair Ain’t For Everybody” or anything that can be construed as negative about natural hair, what words would you like to share with them?
There was a point in my life when relaxers played a major part. I was relaxing from the ages of 5 until 25. My younger sister Pamela played a part for me going natural. She went natural way before I did, and I saw her hair flourish like flowers in a garden. Her hair was big, beautiful, long, and bold. That was something I wanted for my hair that I wasn’t getting with a relaxer. People may view natural hair as untamed and radical, but I don’t care it is the crown that I was naturally born with. Any negativity doesn’t bother me, at the end of the day it is their problem.

“Big Tings A Gwan” are definitely in the works for you. Care to talk about any future events or projects coming up?
 I plan on modeling for an upcoming hair show in my area promoting natural hair and the styles that come with it. I am very excited because I have never participated in an event like this. I am modeling for Sweet Vibrations Natural Hair Salon in Gainesville, GA. That salon is the best place to go to for strictly natural hair care needs and attaining the best hairstyles.

Sometimes when we get into a relationship we can lose our sense of “self”.  Some advice on how to maintain your identity while in a relationship?
The best advice my father gave me was to not involve third parties into your relationship. My parents have been together for 33 years and married for 28. Don’t let friends and family members steer you in a direction with how they think your relationship with your significant other should go. Always communicate with your partner about your feelings, instead of venting all of your emotions to someone else. Communication and honesty are the two biggest components to have in a relationship.

Where do you draw inspiration from? Not only for fashion, but your art, music, poetry, ….life?
 I love different types of prints and bold colors. The tribal and animal prints are two of my favorites. I have an obsession with wearing different types of bold necklaces that makes a plain outfit stand out. Solange Knowles has a great sense of fashion and boldness. I love looking at various graffiti pieces in Little Five Points, because it shows individuality and creativity.

Sexuality is celebrated here on The Vixen Box through “The Clitoris Taboo” series on the blog, meaning women’s sexuality is a “taboo” subject . What IS sexuality? 
I took Human Sexuality in college, which was a very eye-opening course. Being content with your own skin, plays a major role in one’s own sexuality. Making sure to express to your partner with what you want, and how you want it will say a lot in the bedroom. I love listening to Lil’ Kim’s 1996 album Hardcore. She broke down so many barriers for women, who were afraid to say what they wanted to their significant other. If a man can do it, she proved that she can do it 100 times better.  At the time, people view her as “unlady like,” but 17 years later she is getting the props for stating what was on her mind, and not giving a damn about the critics.

Music is such a great medium? What and who are you listening to now? 
 I am a big Tupac Shakur fan, so he stays in heavy rotation on my ipod. I love listening to anything from the New Jack Swing Era. The Notorious BIG, Nas,  and Jay-Z are my top favorites. My favorite female artists are Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, and Faith Evans. Believe or not, I love listening to Aerosmith and Journey.

Although I only have one tattoo (for now) I am a tattoo aficionado. Your tattoos are literally works of art. What is your favorite or more spiritual tattoo?
 I have grown over the years to have a strong liking of tattoos. I don’t have a tattoo yet, but I plan in October to get a breast cancer symbol tattoo in dedication of my mother. She is a 19 year breast cancer survivor. If I am going to get inked up, it is going to be meaningful.

Here at The Vixen Box, health and fitness is major. I know for me I am working on getting myself right physically and emotionally by eating clean and incorporating exercise into my life. What do you do as far as health and fitness to stay or reach a level of good health? 
 I have a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science. Taking care of myself physically and mentally is very vital to my everyday life. I exercise five days a week at my gym for two hours. I love running the treadmill and working on the elliptical. I enjoy eating a lot of salad, vegetables, fruits, and low calorie juices. Drinking water on a daily basis is the key to staying hydrated.

Do you meditate? If so, do you mind sharing how often and what the benefits have been for you?
 Sitting in the sauna is like my form of mediation. It gives me time to think about my day and alleviate any type of stress that may have gotten to me earlier that day. The sauna is good for the skin as well.

Describe your blog and how readers can get in touch with you.     
I do not have a blog at the moment. However, if you want to get in touch with me my Facebook is

What makes you a Vixen?   
 A vixen is comfortable in the skin that she is in. She is outgoing, intelligent, and personable. She doesn’t allow people to define who she is, because she has already done than for herself. Most importantly, a Vixen is independent and doesn’t rely on others to take care of her.

Favorite Quote: “No matter how many mistakes or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone else who isn’t trying.”

We think individuality is celebrated here…. but in sometimes in others reality it is not true. What words of encouragement would you give someone who is having a hard time not being part of the status quo and is unapologetically unique?
Individuality is a beautiful thing to me, because being like everyone else is boring. It doesn't truly reflect who you are as a person. Trying to impress everyone around you can lead into misery, because you are putting your feelings on hold for someone else’s. If you have to change who you are for a particular individual, that person is NOT met to be in your life.

Thank You Paula for sharing with us who you are and what you're all about. We look forward to seeing more of you in the modeling world. Namaste!

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