Update on Me!

Hello Loves!

It has been a hot minute since I have last posted, or featured any Vixens on the blog, but I just wanted to give a brief update on whats going on in my life. SO I started a new job, like my career kind of a job, so my ass has been busy working and training so The Vixen Box has taken an unfortunate back seat. Working in Law Enforcement has always intrigued me and now that I am actually in that field, I know for sure that this is the field I am going to be in. I will give more details with the position as I get deeper into my training, but I can say that although it is law enforcement, I am not training to be a police officer  ( I definitely don't want to do that).

My baby turned THREE in the beginning of Nov! His father and grandparents came up to Atlanta to help celebrate in the fesitivties. It was such nice weekend having them come up and celebrating the little one. We took him to the GA aqaurium and Chuck E Cheese, then had a small little birthday party. Nothing fancy. I did get him to take some pictures with JCPennys and OMG it was a fight! Let me tell you, Mal made that woman WERK, not WORK, but WERK for my money! YOU HEAR ME! He was not going to make it easy on her just by sitting there and smiling for her, no sir. Mal said if you want to take my picture, you are gonna have to WERK! And work she did, bless that photographer cause he put on a show!

My hair has been seriously neglected. It's just the basic twist out, nothing fancy or anything, I work 12 hours doing a graveyard shift, dealing with peoples emergencies, so trying to look cute is really not an objective. But I have been lately putting more effort into my hair and looks now that I am getting adjusted to the position and schedule. For a while it was breaking and I realized it is because i have not been doing protein treatments as I normally used to do it. But I have since been incorporating a protein treatment back into my hair. I still am using my staple products, which is Qhemet Biologics Coco Leave in and the Burduck Root moisturizer, and then the castor and moringa oil treatment. Shampoo I barely use, but I have been using the Qhemet Biologics Egyptian Tea Wash, or some coconut cowash I got in the Sept Curlbox. But I will post more in depth my hair regime and products I have been using.

As far as weight loss goes, ugh back in Septemember I gained a gang of weight, but since October I have lost over ten pounds, so I am real happy about that. But I will have to get back to that on some other post.

I also wanted to share with you Loves the two new bags I got from JustFab.com. I LOVE THEM! So I saw my girl Yolanda Renee of Et Cetera Blog   had this AH-MAZING bag from JustFab but when I went to sign up the bag was sold out, so I ordered these two bags. And they had an amazingly sweet deal for first time sign ups, and it was 2 for $39.95, so I had to do it.

Till the next time Loves!


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