So guess who's having a baby?


Hello Loves! It's been a lonnnggg time so I've updated but better late than never.
Work and life in general has kept me extremely busy and I'll be honest, blogging just wasn't a priority. Life has been hard but I've been given such a gift that I have to share with you all. My partner M and I are expecting a baby! We're so excited and cannot be more happy. I'm due sometime in July of 2015, which feels like forever and then some. However if it's anything like my last pregnancy it is going to be even longer than forever because eventually (hopefully not) I will develop a pregnancy disease called Hyperemesis Gravidum. HG is nothing like morning sickness, it's a debilitating pregnancy disease that includes constant nausea and vomiting.

   When I was pregnant with my son, I had HG all nine months until after a week I delivered. An exact cause of this disease is not known but it's believed it has something to do with be HCG hormone that is coming from the placenta. It was rough. HG is not something I would wish on my worst enemy. It left me bed ridden, miserable and more importantly it didn't allow me to enjoy my pregnancy one bit. I only took 1 picture  of myself, refused to have a baby shower, and just flat out hated being pregnant. It was so bad, I constantly battled between terminating or continuing the pregnancy. It made me so anti social, and very resentful to the universe. But I digress.

   This go around I am back with the same office who delivered my son and they are being very proactive. With my son i was primarily under the care of the physician, this go around I am going to go with the midwife. The day I called to make my first prenatal visit , I expected to be seen at the normal 9 weeks but they had me come in the following day due to my history. My midwife has provided me with dissolvable Zofran, Diclegis, and has set up home health care for me to get on a Zofran pump and IV fluids. The plan is to get started on the zofran pump before my HG begins which is usually around week 7 or 8.  That way instead of an 18 wheeler hitting me suddenly, it's more like a smart car rear ending me. Hopefully. We will see. 

  I will update weekly, or whenever I can.



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