Black Lives Matter

I see a lot of confusion on my timeline from friends or former associates when it comes to the concept/movement that is "Black Lives Matter". When we, or they say "Black Lives Matter", it's not that if you ARE NOT BLACK your life does not matter. It's not to say that POLICE lives DO NOT MATTER, because they very much do. It's not an anti-white, or anti-blue uniform statement. It's to bring attention that yes even though all lives matter, when it comes to the lives of blacks in this country and around the world our lives to those in power/the system, they don't matter. They are not treated equally, and we aren't provided justice.
   Next, I see that within the black community we want to pick and choose WHAT Black lives matter. Nah, that's not how it works. ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER, and when I say that I'm talking about our brothers and sisters in the LGBT community. Far too often within the black african diaspora we want to shamefully bash gays and trans. Black lives matter, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. You may not have to agree with how someone chooses to live their life, but that is their business, not yours. I'm not for the picking and choosing when it comes to "Black Lives Matter". Black gays and trans matter as well and suffer disgustingly high rates of brutality from the hands of civilians. So if you out here screaming "Black Lives Matter" but are anti- LGBT you can miss me with that. I'm not for it. But I digress...
  That being said let me break off from the subject at hand and bring something up. This "Black on Black crime" that I see a lot of people bringing up (especially black folks) when it comes to police brutality and racism. Race on race crime is not a phenomenon solely and mutually exclusive to the black community. 83% of crime towards Whites come from the hand of another white person. Race on race crime happens to every single race because of how we live in social structures. So whenever I see a black person post something like " Why should they care about us when we have black on black crime", that's just asinine and makes you sound like a damn troglodyte. Every Time a person you say "black on black crime" (especially if you are black yourself) you're saying that because of a natural social occurrence, we as blacks do not deserve to be treated fairly, given civil liberties, and treated equally.
   It's very unfortunate that some jackass idiot killed an officer and tried to use "black lives matter" as his reasoning. He did the complete opposite of what the movement stands for, but don't fall victim to those tactics of those trying to push "Black Lives Matter" as some kind of anti police anti white hate group/movement/concept or a hate group. Yes ALL LIVES MATTER, but would you run into a Breast Cancer fundraiser or marathon and scream ALL CANCER MATTERS?

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