Right Now I'm Enough

"Baby in our wildest moments, we can be the greatest. Maybe in our wildest moments, we could be the worst of all" - Jessie Ware

Observation of life. It's hard being a single mother, it's hard being a mother period. Cliche, but it's very much true. I won't get into the "woe is me" bullshit. I'm a grown woman, I understand where kids come from and I understand the consequences to my actions. I may regret a lot in my life, but I NEVER REGRET MY CHILDREN.

Anyway, back to my observation. Silly as this may sound, it means alot to me. My son is 4 years old, and is in that phase where he questions ER'THANG, and I mean everything. It gets easy to be annoyed by the constant bombarding of why this, and why that, but I also have to remember to view the world through his eyes. He has not seen all I have seen, and he needs to understand the ways of the world and how it works. I can't answer everything for him, although I try. Something so simple as "why is a shadow a shadow?" to something complicated as "what is dead mommy?", life for him is just beginning so he it's only natural for him to question me about everything. I've also noticed that he value's me so much that he asks me all these questions. And I'm honored.

Sometimes I get caught up in not having this and not being able to do that (yet) for my children but they remind CONSTANTLY that right now, mommy is enough. Mommys love is ENOUGH. Yeah they don't say "Mommy you are enough blah blah", it's the little gestures they do. For example, my son thinks I'm so important and value's my opinion so much he has to show me every single kind of legos he builds, and how he did it. He also wants to show me each and every time how he eats his Star Wars fruit candy. He loves me so much he is constantly trying to impress me. So when I get frustrated or depressed I have to remember that life may not be as i planned, but right now to my children, my world, I'm enough. 


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