The Challenge


So here's a quote from the daily emails I receive on the challenge I'm participating in. It's the #overherebeingdisciplined, hosted by at @myleik for #mytaughtyou and @thinkngrowchick message this morning hit home for me cause I constantly battle with my feelings dictating my present and future circumstances. I don't FEEL like doing this, I don't FEEL like doing that. This is so negative towards accomplishing your goals, as any successful person will you tell you CONSISTENCY and SELF DISCIPLINE are the common denominators amongst successful people. I go through a lot of highs and lows cause I'm an empath and feel entirely too much, I'm also an emotional person. I've slowly been beginning (again) to "trust in the process". Learning that my feelings, especially those negative and insecure ones, although real, will pass with time. This quote from @myleik is too real. - Bee #TheVixenBox #curlbox #plussizeblogger #travelblogger #claimit #trustintheprocess #thinkandgrowchick #selfdiscipline

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